2 of the most popular Slots right now! (Starburst & House of Fun)


Your mission in Starburst is to spin the sparkling diamonds and flashy stars for big profits. The NetEnt favorite is one of the most popular and most popular games available right now. It’s not hard to understand why when you sit down and play. With it’s beautiful casual background music and nice design and graphics in the game – you have a winner on your hands.

Free spin and bonus

The highest win you can get on Starburst Free Spins is your bet times 50,000(!) There is no jackpot in the game, but you can choose to bet a max of 2 Euro, a small recommendation if you dare to win a million Euro!

Starburst on the phone

This big slot favorite was one of the first games that NetEnt made for mobile casino. The game is in HTML5 format, which means you can play on any device you like, just be sure it’s an Android, iPhone, tablet or computer :). Depending on the casino you are playing from, you log in through the browser, or you can choose to play on the app, if offered to the casino’s customers.

House of Fun

If you start by looking at the intro of the game, you immediately get that nasty feeling that will persist throughout the game. This is nothing for the slightly scared player. House of Fun is about an young couple who gets stuck out in the woods. They need help and therefore start looking for someone (or something) that can help them. They find a large castle like a house and enter in hopes that they can get help.


Bonus features and freespins

If you get 3 symbols similar to a box, you have enabled the free spins mode. It acts as a wild symbol during the next rounds and replaces other symbols to create winning combinations. You also have a scatter symbol in the game similar to a door knob. If you get 3 scatter symbols then you will come to the bonus round, where you will help the young couple to escape from the horror house aka House of Fun.

House of Fun Mobile casino

Are you the player who is easily scared maybe it’s best to try out the this casino in the middle of the day. We then recommend running a few rounds by playing the casino online on your mobile in the sunlight :). It works just as well with smartphone as well as your iPhone and tablet!



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