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The welcome-bonus with different match bonuses is always an important factor when choosing a new online casino; because it largely determines how your introduction with a particular casino will be. It depends not only on the offer, but also on your own choices; because not all online casino bonuses are equally suitable for all players. In this post we want to talk a little about the best deals, but also to go into details on what may be important to you personally.

Whether a bonus offer suits you also depends on the types of games you are interested in; and how high your deposits may be. Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the different bonuses.

Is a welcome Bonus the same as a matched bonus?

The Casino Welcome Bonus 2018 will reward you for your first deposit. It can be a first deposit bonus or bonus package, which gives you extra credit for the following deposits. First and foremost, two criteria are important: the possible bonus amount and the percentage of your deposit. In most cases, it will be a match bonus (100%) and you get as much bonus as you enter Рof course, only up to the maximum amount stated. With an offer of 100% up to $ 100, it does not matter if you deposit $ 500 or $ 1000; The bonus is limited to $ 1000. But there are also 50% or 300% bonuses; therefore the match bonus will be a little different.

Individual match bonuses for each deposit

In the so-called bonus packages, the welcome bonus extends over several deposits. There may be different individual bonuses for each deposit – Some casinos, for example, give you a 100% match on the first deposit, the second deposit gives you 25% extra and the third 50%.

Before jumping on the casino adventure you should think about how much you are willing to bet; not only the first time, but also if you want to bet money several times. For very high first deposits, different “High Roller” offers are the best. However, if you prefer smaller deposits with big bonuses, you should look for 300% bonuses. However, be sure to read the terms carefully before you place any of your own money!

Special offers for specific games

However, some casinos offer not only an offer to their new customers. With Betfair and InterCasino, you can also choose between two different bonuses when making your first deposit: one for slot machines and one for table games. This is interesting for players if they only play a certain type of casino game. Roulette or blackjack card game players are not interested in slot machines; and slot players may not like table games. So you can play your favorite games with a customized offer!

Online Casino 2018 means choices (And safety)

Isn’t it wonderful to be able to choose what type of bonuses and games you want to play? This freedom of choice is what makes online casinos in 2018 so exiting. Not to talk about the how secure it is, recently this rather action filled “event” happned in Las Vegas, where casino and poker players where robbed at the famous casino Bellagio. Read about it here:¬†Las Vegas casino news 2018

Safe gambling!

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