Free Spins are Back in Town – 2016!

Hey and welcome to – och 2016!

It’s a true pleasure having you here, reading about casino with it’s bonuses, free spins and a lot of other stuff. This year has really taken a sky rocket start with a lot of new online casinos that hands out great bonuses in a lot of different ways! As always you have the possibility to take a bonus on you first, second and maybe even third deposit. You’ll also have a lot of other exciting things to be part of. Some online casinos today only give out free spins to their new players. Since free spins has started to become extremely popular among all us casino players, we think this might be the perfect way for new coming casinos to get their players! Except for normal free spins, we’ve also started to see a lot of other spins. For example we’ve noticed super spins and monster spins in Sweden. This is the kind of spin that will make you get a real adrenaline rush, for sure! When you get super spins och monster spins from a casino, they will be worth a lot more than a normal free spins. OIne spin might have the worth of 2 Euros, or even more! This extremely high worth for every spin, will result in a multiplying win for you! Often free spins at an online casino is worth maybe 10 cents, which will make the maximum win a straight multiplier from this level. Take that win and multiply it by 20 or similar, and you’ll have the win of a super spin!


Virtual Reality for Online Casino – Free Spins for Real!

Except from all the different kinds of free spins a lot of casinos 2016 seem to work hard to get even more casino games at their sites as well. We’ve seen a couple of ca2016 free spinssinos in Sweden that stated new collaborations with game developers, to make their gaming catalogue even wider. We’ve also seen Live Casino getting more and more popular everywhere. This is probably something that will excel a lot during 2016 and 2017. Virtual Reality will maybe play a big role in casino gaming in the next years?!

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