2 of the most popular Slots right now! (Starburst & House of Fun)


Your mission in Starburst is to spin the sparkling diamonds and flashy stars for big profits. The NetEnt favorite is one of the most popular and most popular games available right now. It’s not hard to understand why when you sit down and play. With it’s beautiful casual background music and nice design and graphics in the game – you have a winner on your hands.

Free spin and bonus

The highest win you can get on Starburst Free Spins is your bet times 50,000(!) There is no jackpot in the game, but you can choose to bet a max of 2 Euro, a small recommendation if you dare to win a million Euro!

Starburst on the phone

This big slot favorite was one of the first games that NetEnt made for mobile casino. The game is in HTML5 format, which means you can play on any device you like, just be sure it’s an Android, iPhone, tablet or computer :). Depending on the casino you are playing from, you log in through the browser, or you can choose to play on the app, if offered to the casino’s customers.

House of Fun

If you start by looking at the intro of the game, you immediately get that nasty feeling that will persist throughout the game. This is nothing for the slightly scared player. House of Fun is about an young couple who gets stuck out in the woods. They need help and therefore start looking for someone (or something) that can help them. They find a large castle like a house and enter in hopes that they can get help.


Bonus features and freespins

If you get 3 symbols similar to a box, you have enabled the free spins mode. It acts as a wild symbol during the next rounds and replaces other symbols to create winning combinations. You also have a scatter symbol in the game similar to a door knob. If you get 3 scatter symbols then you will come to the bonus round, where you will help the young couple to escape from the horror house aka House of Fun.

House of Fun Mobile casino

Are you the player who is easily scared maybe it’s best to try out the this casino in the middle of the day. We then recommend running a few rounds by playing the casino online on your mobile in the sunlight :). It works just as well with smartphone as well as your iPhone and tablet!



New Casinos in 2018 – What to Consider

At freespins24 we list the year’s new online casinos and all bonuses and Free Spins you can get. The competition among new casinos 2018 is fierce, but beneficial to players as bonuses and offers are truncated – and this is exactly what we are going to do. During the year we at freespins24 expect the launch of at least 100 new casinos with free spins in their welcome offer; and the goal of this page is to list them all so that you can easily compare them. We update our site daily and are proud to call us a prime source of new casinos! If you do not find any new free spins 2018 on this site you can also check out newfreespinscasino.co.uk.


We have created a guide that is both easy to understand and contains a lot of information for those who want to know everything about their new casino 2018. How many free spins can I get? What is the turnover requirement of said casino? Is there a VIP program for “High Rollers”? All questions you’ll want an answer to, we at freespins24 will try to help you with.

If you are only looking for new casinos 2018 with free spins (Who isn’t) you can be sure that we filter the good casinos from the bad ones. The same goes for helping bonus-hunters, and to help those who like free money.

The benefits of a new casino is that they have (usually) better  deals and go further for their players to be happy. An old “casino giant” hardly cares if they lose a player to a competitor, while a new casino has a completely different idea. Therefore, you will almost always find higher bonuses with lower sales requirements at New casinos in 2018, and of course this also applies to earlier and later years.

Advantages of a new casino 2018:

  • Better & higher bonuses
  • More Free Spins on registration and deposit
  • Lower Sales Requirements for Free Cuts & Casino Bonuses
  • Often better on the phone
  • Located on faster platforms than older sites with proprietary platforms

We have one goal and one goal only, and this is giving you the best experience when looking for new online casino 2018. We are a completely independent website that ranks casinos according to our own rules and criteria. For our readers; we also have exclusive competitions, where big cash winnings and dream trips are at stake. Check out this page so you do not miss any future news!

Free Spins, Super Spins, Moster Spins, Real Spins – Your Guide!

Free Spins are something that most casino players think is very interesting and something they will take part of. However, there are lots of variations of free spins and we are going through this quickly. Most of these variations have come very recently, and it has really been a boom. Many players at the casino wants to take part in all sorts of free spins they can lay their paws on, and this har the onlinereal spins super spins monster spins casinos understood. For this reason, they have introduced a variety of exciting variations on Free Spins. For example, there has been something called SuperSpins or Super Spins. This is the free spins that are worth a lot more than ordinary free spins. In many cases, a conventional spin is worth approximately 10 cents or the equivalent. This is because an online casino simply can not afford to give away loads of free spins that are worth a lot. Therefore, they are in most cases worth the absolute lowest bet at a video slot. A Super Spin can however be worth almost 30 times more than this. A higher worth free spin are also able to result in a higher profit. A super spin can also be called Monster Spin or MonsterSpin.

After this, we have now got something even more interesting, RealSpins or Real Spins! We are accustomed to most of all casino requires us to wager our winnings from the free spins several times. Real Spins now, these are genuine FREE spins. You will be able to withdraw the money from your spins straight to your wallet. This is obviously a costly way for an online casino to get players but you will with absolute most certainty choose to stay at a casino that offers just that. Take your chance today and play the free spins, super spins, spins monster or real spins of some of our casino below!

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royal vegas casino Review Visit Broker Demo


Free Spins are Back in Town – 2016!

Hey and welcome to FreeSpins24.com – och 2016!

It’s a true pleasure having you here, reading about casino with it’s bonuses, free spins and a lot of other stuff. This year has really taken a sky rocket start with a lot of new online casinos that hands out great bonuses in a lot of different ways! As always you have the possibility to take a bonus on you first, second and maybe even third deposit. You’ll also have a lot of other exciting things to be part of. Some online casinos today only give out free spins to their new players. Since free spins has started to become extremely popular among all us casino players, we think this might be the perfect way for new coming casinos to get their players! Except for normal free spins, we’ve also started to see a lot of other spins. For example we’ve noticed super spins and monster spins in Sweden. This is the kind of spin that will make you get a real adrenaline rush, for sure! When you get super spins och monster spins from a casino, they will be worth a lot more than a normal free spins. OIne spin might have the worth of 2 Euros, or even more! This extremely high worth for every spin, will result in a multiplying win for you! Often free spins at an online casino is worth maybe 10 cents, which will make the maximum win a straight multiplier from this level. Take that win and multiply it by 20 or similar, and you’ll have the win of a super spin!


Virtual Reality for Online Casino – Free Spins for Real!

Except from all the different kinds of free spins a lot of casinos 2016 seem to work hard to get even more casino games at their sites as well. We’ve seen a couple of ca2016 free spinssinos in Sweden that stated new collaborations with game developers, to make their gaming catalogue even wider. We’ve also seen Live Casino getting more and more popular everywhere. This is probably something that will excel a lot during 2016 and 2017. Virtual Reality will maybe play a big role in casino gaming in the next years?!

Just some thoughts from FreeSpins24.com. Please contact us if you have any questions or thoughts about our content or anything else!

Welcome to FreeSpins24.com

This is the first blog post of this website! Our goal with this online casino website is to give you the best offers from casinos worldwide! Free Spins are the best way to earn money in an easy and quick way, so that’s what we will focus on. But, of course, you will find all other kinds of bonus, promotions, features and other casino related information here as well.

And why do we want to do this? Well, the online casino market today is extremely large, and it’s just keep on growing. Just in Sweden, where we come from, there are one new casino penetrating the market every month. For you, who just want to have some fun playing slots, it can easily be to hard to find which casino that’s the best choice for you. Some online casino are made for you who just are looking for the easiest, most user friendly, way to play. For you who been playing online casino for a while, it might be fun with a little bit more. Some casinos will provide you with a story, where you can make progress, earn bonuses, free spins and more. And whats even more important is the security for you as a player. The majority of the casinos today do have extremely good security policies to make you as a player safe and secure for depositing, withdrawal and so on. But, sadly, there are some casinos that are the “black horses” on the market. On FreeSpins24.com we will only provide you with the best casinos regarding this as well. A casino adventure should be fun, easy and, hopefully, lucrative – FreeSpins24.com will help you get this!

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